Another month into the Coronavirus, and we're still not sure what the future holds. Of all the things there are to miss, dancing and going out to the club has got to be one of the worst for us. So we are doing what we can to bring the club to you. We love electronic music and it didn't feel right just tagging it onto the end of our Best of April list so from now on we will be covering electronic music separate from our normal 'indie' coverage.

Best albums

April 2020

DJ Python - Mas Amable

[deep reggaeton]

A midnight stroll on the beach.  Mas Amable is hypnotic yet smooth, spacey yet steady. DJ Python sends out a message of inner peace with an angelic, echoing voice: “Where was the place where you felt okay? Go to this place.”

Favorite songs: ADMSDP

Andrea - Ritorno

[ambient techno, jungle, breakbeat]

A spacious, luminous overtone with a swelling undercurrent of reverberated percussive energy. 

Minor Science - Second Language

[idm, uk bass]

A kaleidoscope of tempos and intensities, the record is often fast but rarely heavy, fizzing with detail but full of space, euphoric in places but frequently blue in mood. Minor Science's language is a knotty one, packed with odd time-signatures, brain-bending sound design and a playful palette of switch-ups, fake-outs and digital hiccups. But it's also soft and emotive, and shot through with vibrant melody.

Addison Groove - Fred Neutron

[uk bass, jungle]

If now is the time for voodoo amulets and protective talismans, sharpened swords and unbreakable shields, it’s also a moment for music to assume its highest form as a healing art, a source of benevolent spells, and a Addison Groove is no stranger to pushing boundaries, with the Bristol-born-and-bred producer already having an established reputation for cross-pollinating influences; genres such as Footwork, Jungle, Acid, Hip-Hop and Dubstep have all been melded throughout his discography to create hybrid strains. AG crystalizes UK dance music DNA with influences from Dreamscape to Detroit, and further beyond to far-flung corners of the world.refuge from the chaos. After all, the best creators are always those that tap into the telluric current that exists below the surface.

Clams Casino - Intstrumental Relics

[instrumental hip hop]

In the same vein as Burial’s Tunes 2011-2019 from last year, Clams Casino has compactly collected some of his best work into an easy-to-stream package. Every bold and shimmering hip-hop instrumental gracing Instrumental Relics would be a towering achievement for most producers, but for Clams Casino, creating these ethereal bangers comes across as effortless. Spanning the early period when he was working with artists like Lil B and A$AP Rocky, this compilation provides the perfect entry point into one of the most influential producers of the 2010s. [Tucker P.]

Yaeji - What We Drew

[hip house]

A foray into slinky ambient hip house, pleasant at times. Don’t expect too much it’s just a mixtape.

Lorenzo Senni - Scacco Matto

[progressive electronic]

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Best EPs / Singles

March 2020

Wata Igarashi, Voiski, WAV - 9719 EP

[deep techno]

A hypnotic, synth-laden, high flying, dancefloor-ready collaboration between Tokyo’s Wata Igarashi and Parisian Voiski proves that masterful work does not require physical proximity. 

Michael Klein - Der Sturm kommt


A dark, heavy and crunchy peak time techno EP that will undoubtedly turn your living room into the basement of a Berlin warehouse.

Tripeo - Green Is The New Red

[melodic techno]

Tripeo’s latest project is a dynamic and genre-bending release. Soft and melodic techno is the driving blueprint for the album, but each song adds something unique to the mix taking a myriad of different influences such as acid house, trance, and ambient music.

The Checkup - 40 ounce

[deep house, tech house]

This two song EP is a sexy, bass-forward, infectious groove. If it doesn’t make you bounce, nothing will.

Ramiro Lopez - Infections


Chekov - Aerated

[ambient house/techno]

A bubbly EP that fits the spring season. Chugging basslines overlaid with stereo effects and dreamy atmospheres. Out on Peach Discs.

Zenker Brothers - Mad System

[breakbeat, dnb, techno]

Ikonika - Bodies

[uk bass]

Two Shell - N35

[post dubstep]

A welcome bit of post-dubstep throwback.

Axel Boman - Eyes Of My Mind

[outsider house]

Axel Boman’s Eyes Of My Mind is part world-unifying house music psychedelia anthem, part collaborative Gesamtkunstwerk.

BEC - Hindsight

[acid techno]

This new EP has some great tracks showcasing an array of high pressure drums and consuming bass, that progress into a techno experience that’ll make you smile as you’re dancing in your bedroom. 

Jamie xx - Idontknow

[uk bass]

The artist's first new solo track in 5 years

Best mixes and sets

April 2020

Octo Octa - Love Hypnosis (T4T003 Mixtape)

Clara Cuva at Unpolished 2020

HAUS of ALTR 042:// AceMoMA (Live from Buttons)

RA.724 Conducta by Resident Advisor

Dekmantel Podcast 278 - Roi Perez

Nicolas Jaar - april16.19.00GMT

Call Super - April 23 - HÖR BERLIN

Just brenner [008] - Social Distancing Edition

Jensen Interceptor - April 10 - HÖR BERLIN

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