Our guide to the best new electronic albums, EPs, and singles, and mixes released in January and February 2021.

Best albums

Bored Lord - Archival Transmission

[deep house, breakbeat, rave]

Kush Jones - Nice Day

[juke, breakbeat, outsider house]

Kasper Marott - Full Circle

[tech house, IDM]

AceMo - All My Life 2

[outsider house, breakbeat]

Warmth - The Darkest Place

[ambient, dub techno, drone]

Deluxe Ultra - Urania

[house, techno, electro]

Femin-XY -Reloaded

[ambient, dub techno, drone]

Gallery S - The Many Hands Of God

[jungle, dnb, footwork]

Best EPs

Billie Jo - LILIES07

[footwork, breaks]

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Billie Jo is a DJ and producer with material on the likes of Spencer Parker’s Work Them Records and Vincent Neumann’s Unitas Multiplex. The past few years have seen Billie Jo steadily making her mark on the Stockholm underground scene and here we see the release of her third EP to date via DJ Lily and Sailor Juul’s LILIES imprint.

NENE H - Beast EP

[rave, techno]

Prospa - Rave Science Vol 1

[rave, techno]

Octo Octa - She's Calling EP

[breakbeat, ambient, house, techno]

NENE H - Beast EP

[rave, techno]

VIPER DIVA - Snake Does Cry 

[industrial techno]

Herman Funker III - Rhino

[breakbeat, dnb]

Amy Dabbs - Girl Like Me

[chicago house]

The four track EP encapsulates the vision and virtues of classic house, reflecting elements from Amy's musical upbringing, infusing influences from Motown through to early house, and simultaneously instilling whispers of 80s and 90s soul that formed the building blocks of the modern day house sound.

DMX Krew - Overseer


Naked Flames - Binc Rinse Repeat

[outsider house, techno]

Logic 1000 - You've Got the Whole Night to Go

[deep house, funky, breakbeat]

Tom VR - Fast Track To Bliss

[house, uk garage]

Kessler - Ambivalent EP

[uk bass, breaks]

Rose Bonica - Send Forgiveness / Disengage

[techno, uk bass]

Best singles

January 2021

KETTAMA & Partiboi69 - Freq U All Nite

Barry Can’t Swim - Some Day I Will

Isaac Reuben, Asquith - Mr. Flangers

Best mixes and sets

January 2021

RA.764 Logic1000 by Resident Advisor

100% unreleased material from myself, friends and artists I admire, in the form of sketches, drafts, field recordings and archival sounds. Featuring (in order of first appearance) DJ Python, Lyra Pramuk, Jenna Sutela, Steph Kretowicz, Ariel Zetina, Bendik Giske, Mari Matsutoya, Parris, , Laurel Halo, Eli Keszler, Yair Elazar Glotman, Julia Holter, Colin Self, Coby Sey, JAB, Shanti Celeste, Reece Cox, Yu Su, Lucrecia Dalt & more.


Munich techno Dj, Clara Cuve brings the heat in this one long techno mix sprinkling in varying styles of french hardtek, EBM, acid, and trance in what (I believe) is the best techno mix of the month.

HE VALENCIA rinse fm guest mix for DJ Python

RA.760 Hyph11E by Resident Advisor

Honcho Podcast Series 88: Kiernan Laveaux

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